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JBF Books is an imprint of the Jhumki Basu Foundation, dedicated to improving science education in under-served American schools.


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What if we lived in a world where everyone was scientifically literate? 
And what if that education was fun and deeply engaging, and also served 
as an opportunity for students to transform their own lives, 
the lives of their communities and our world?

This is what Dr. Jhumki Basu set out to do, 
and this is the work of her Foundation.


Donations as checks payable to “Jhumki Basu Foundation” may be mailed to:

Jhumki Basu Foundation

14435C Big Basin Way #256

Saratoga, CA 95070, USA

Tel:  +1 408 872 0700

Email: info@jhumkibasu.org

For domestic and international wire transfer information, please send e-mail to info@jhumkibasu.org.

Jhumki Basu Foundation is a California nonprofit company with 501(c)(3) tax exemption status accorded by the Internal Revenue Service.

Receipt for tax purposes will be mailed to donors by the foundation.

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Donations as checks payable to “Jhumki Basu Foundation” may be mailed to:

Jhumki Basu Foundation

14435C Big Basin Way #256

Saratoga, CA 95070, USA

Tel:  +1 408 872 0700

Email: info@jhumkibasu.org

For domestic and international wire transfer information, please send e-mail to info@jhumkibasu.org.

Jhumki Basu Foundation is a California nonprofit company with 501(c)(3) tax exemption status accorded by the Internal Revenue Service.

Receipt for tax purposes will be mailed to donors by the foundation.

Jhumki Basu Science Education & Research Center

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About Jhumki

The voice and keyboard of Professor Sreyashi Jhumki Basu are still. Her luminous career has ended in mid-flight.

To hundreds of disenfranchised students from low-income and minority households, Ms. Jhumki was a fount of  inspiration and compassion, always available with wisdom  and importantly, resources, to help her “kids” along the difficult path to academic achievement.


To her colleagues, Dr. Basu was the brilliant, original, grass-roots researcher driven to removing inequities in the teaching of science in America and access to higher education.

To her friends, Jhumki was a witty and irreverent person, her home always open, filled with camaraderie and authentic cooking from exotic lands.

She ventured alone or took her family on adventures as her love of nature and animals, especially primates, led her to remote regions of distant countries. Jhumki filled the hearts of those who loved her with astonishment and with immense pride as she spread her wings and soared to uncharted skies, battling social injustice, inspiring those she touched, changing lives along the way.

About JBF

After her death in December 2008, there was an outpouring of grief and concern from hundreds of colleagues and  students of Jhumki Basu, that her pioneering achievements in Science Education has been interrupted in full flow. Consequently, the mission of the Jhumki Basu  Foundation is to carry her legacy forward and build on her vision and passion to achieve equity in science education.

The objective of the JBF is to discover, nurture and spread  innovative and sustainable programs to carry on Jhumki’s vision of democratizing science education. The Foundation sponsors the Sci-Ed Innovators movement, provides an on-line wikispace for Sci-Ed Fellows to collaborate on innovative science teaching methods and carries out other programs.

JBF raises funds, makes grants, executes projects, manages awards, scholarships, science fairs, competitions and other programs in science education.

JBF works with departments of education of urban school districts and with the federal government on educational policy-making.

JBF is a registered nonprofit corporation with section 501(c)(3) tax-exemption status from the Internal Revenue Service. To consider making a donation please click here.

Sci-Ed Fellowship Program


The mission of the Sci-Ed Innovators Fellowship Program is to build expertise in teachers that empowers them to engage low-income minority youth in science, technology, engineering and mathematics education; and allows students to construct identities of themselves as capable citizens who use critical science agency to transform their own lives and bring about positive change to their communities.

Program Benefits

The Sci-Ed Fellowship Program is a yearlong experience, designed to engage and support middle and high school science teachers who work in under-served schools. Through regular monthly workshops, dialogue with experts and peers (both in person and on-line), and a critical peer examination of their practice, Fellows learn to transform their students’ experience by applying and further developing the Democratic Science Teaching Framework, initially conceived by Professor Sreyashi Jhumki Basu. The Fellowship experience challenges participants to examine and refine their teaching practices through the lens of the Framework. To learn more or to become a Fellow please visit the Sci-Ed Fellowship site.


Sci-Ed Fellows engage in design-based professional development that views them as problem solvers. Conceived of as two problem-solving cycles over the course of the year, Fellows identify problems of practice, iterate on their attempts to transform their students’ experience using democratic science teaching methods, collaborate with their colleagues to push one another’s thinking, and share their in-process solutions with a larger audience. Our “Windows into the Classrooms,” or WICs, name the digital product that emerges from our collaborative design process. WICs are short, structured digital multimedia narratives produced by Fellows that demonstrate the ways in which they use democratic science teaching practices to solve problems in their classrooms. Fellows use a variety of digital tools to tell and publish their story. Over the course of the Fellowship, Fellows publish two 3-5 minute digital narratives.

Sci-Ed Expo

The annual Sci-Ed Innovators Expo and Symposium provides science teachers representing under-served schools an opportunity to share their innovative teaching methods through their students’ projects. The third annual Sci-Ed Expo was held on May 3, 2012 at The New Balance Track and Field Center at the Armory in New York. The Expo featured students and teachers from more than fifty New York area public schools; and attracted more than 400 attendees representing researchers, policy makers, leading educational, governmental, non- profit and corporate organizations.


The Jhumki Basu Foundation sponsors the following programs to carry on her work through generous donations of her well-wishers:

Sci-Ed Fellowship: An accredited program to engage and support New York middle- and high-school science teachers from underserved schools in applying and furthering the development of the Democratic Science Teaching Framework, initially conceived by Dr. Jhumki Basu. Fellows participate in a year-long experience that include in-person meetings and online collaboration. Activities include discussion about the Framework and richness of its content, as well as development lessons and case examples of application of the Framework in their classrooms. Fellows demonstrate their applications of the Framework at the annual Sci-Ed Innovators Expo. More details at www.sci-ed.net.

Sci-Ed Innovators Expo and Symposium: An annual event, co-sponsored with New York University, brings together science teachers, researchers, students, policy makers, corporations and foundations to share innovative teaching methods for under-served schools. Each event is keynoted by a transformational speaker who has worked in making science exciting to youth.

New York University: A landmark STEME Education and Research Center whose mission is to provide leadership in STEME education locally and globally through research, development, and collaboration. The Center will build and foster partnerships to reach learners of all ages through joint ventures with families, communities, schools, advocates, cultural institutions, business leaders, policy-makers, diplomats, NGOs, CBOs, and government agencies.

Stanford University: The annual Jhumki Basu Lecture Series in Science and Adventure features renowned researchers in scientific fields, especially wildlife, conservation and exploration

Knowles Science Teacher Foundation: The library at KSTF has been renamed the Jhumki Basu Science Library following donation of her innumerable textbooks and teaching materials

Castilleja School, Palo Alto: Continuing sponsorship for low-income children to the Peninsula Bridge Science Discovery Program and for the Jhumki Basu Memorial Garden

School for Democracy and Leadership and Renaissance Charter School, New York: The Jhumki Basu Annual Science Fair and the Jhumki Basu Science Scholarship

National Association for Research in Science and Technology: The annual NARST Equity in Education dinner is held annually in Jhumki’s honor.

The American Educational Research Association: The AERA Special Interest Group on Equity in Science Education has been renamed the Jhumki Basu SIG on Equity in Science Education.

Textbook: Democratic Science Teaching, a textbook based on Jhumki’s writings, video interviews and data analyses, with co-authors, Angela Calabrese Barton and Edna Tan, has been released by Sense Publishers in Spring 2011. Royalties from sales of the book will accrue to JBF.

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2016 Sci-Ed Expo scheduled for May 14

Apr 18, 2014

This year's Sci-Ed Innovators Expo, a celebration of science and young scholars, will be held at the Holiday Inn on New York's 57th Street on May 14th from 10 am to 1 pm.. Admission is free. Stay tuned for registration info.

Jhumki Basu Research Center Inaugurated

Feb 11, 2014

S. Jhumki Basu STEME Education and Research Center at New York University launched on February 5th with a large gathering celebrating science and technology in schools

STEM Graduate Students Receive NARST Jhumki Basu Equity Scholars Award

Jan 10, 2014

The STEM Education Center at the University of Minnesota would like to congratulate Shiyu Liu and Devarati Bhattacharya for receiving the 2014 Jhumki Basu Equity Scholars Award presented by the NARST Equity and Ethics Committee.

Mission to Teach released at Sci-Ed Innovators Expo 2013

May 08, 2013

Mission to Teach, the biography of Dr. Jhumki Basu, was released at Sci-Ed Innovators Expo 2013. The event included a reading by the author, Dipak Basu, to an audience of 500+ students, teachers, researchers and well-wishers. The book is available through online channels and bookstores and covers the life and legacy of the revolutionary educator.

JBF becomes a 100Kin10 Partner

Feb 12, 2013

In February 2013, Jhumki Basu Foundation was selected as a partner in the 100Kin10 movement, for its accomplishments in fostering innovative science teaching methods. JBF sees this partnership of institutions committed to creating 100,000 excellent science teachers as a platform for its sustained growth in the coming years.